September 28, 2020

Train Your Brain With Quad Strobe Glasses

Introducing the next generation of stroboscopic eyewear: the Senaptec Quad Strobes. These visual and sensory training glasses are designed to improve anticipation, spatial awareness, balance, coordination, and motor skills so that you can achieve a competitive edge. Whether you are a high-level athlete or just starting the training process, read on to see how Quad Strobes glasses can help you get to your fitness goals.


Senaptec Quad Strobes: Providing Vision of the Future

Like the Senaptec Strobe Glasses, the new Quad lenses use liquid crystal technology to change between transparent and opaque to prevent the brain from processing visual information. By removing excess cues during neurocognitive training exercises, your brain is then able to process sensory input more efficiently. The Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses allows you to select regions of strobing to strategically improve athletic performance and take your training to the next level.

The curved liquid crystal lenses provide a complete 180-degree field of view with adjustable levels of difficulty for you to enhance your visuomotor skills. The Quad Strobe glasses from Senaptec offer the same capabilities as the original eyewear and much more, with improved precision and control for an even more comprehensive range of applications. Each lens in the new Strobes is segmented into quadrants which can be activated independently from the glasses or the Senaptec Strobe App. This breakthrough enhancement allows the user to alter the occluding patterns to match their personalized fitness goals and routines.

Empowering the Mind and the Body

The Quad Strobe Glasses are an empowering tool that helps you improve brain health and motor function during your fitness training. Scientific research shows that mental skills such as clarity, acuity, perception, and processing can be honed in on and optimized. The Quad Glasses allow you to strengthen your these skills with precision customization and features like:

  • Adjustable monocular and binocular modes.
  • Comprehensible OLED display that shows adjustable difficulty levels, training modes, and battery life
  • Designed to be moisture resistant
  • User-friendly operation with just two buttons to adjust settings
  • Opaque lenses are great for outdoor use
  • Adjustable elastic straps to keep eyewear in place during training
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Convenient compatibility with free mobile app


Image Credit: Senaptec Strobe

The Ultimate Training Tool For Improved Sport Performance

The Senaptec Quad Strobe Glasses can be specifically programmed to meet the demands of the sport you are training for. For example, you can block the medial visual field while strobing your peripheral vision to simulate keeping your eyes up during a basketball game while dribbling across the court. The new Strobes are made to strengthen the connection between your eyes, brain, and body and can be easily integrated into existing training drills and visual therapy regimens.

The Quad Glasses can be programmed to improve athletic performance, tactical skills, and even health. Programming the eyewear for sports helps athletes achieve an edge with more consistent, high-level performance. Because a split second for game-time decision making can mean the difference between taking home the trophy and missing the mark. For tactical and combat training, every second counts. With much higher stakes, having heightened senses, acute visual processing abilities, and peak physical condition can save lives. Senaptec’s technology helps individuals from law enforcement and military divisions sharpen their minds and train their bodies for rapid response.

Not only can Senaptec Quad Strobe glasses help you train for the game, it can also help you recover after. Brain injuries have become more and more of a concern in high contact sports, as we have learned the damages that can occur to motor skills as a result. When we have an injury, our brains change how it processes information. Incorporating the Quad Glasses into recovery regimens can help divert the brain, allowing it to rewire to its pre-trauma state. With this innovative technology, McGuirt Strength offers proven solutions that help prevent and improve brain health degradation. The Quad Strobe Glasses are also commonly used for physical injury recovery and medical rehabilitation therapies. For those suffering from painful injuries like an ACL tear, the Strobes can be used to help restore neuromuscular pathways for improved motor function.

Comprehensive Neurocognitive Training at McGuirt Strength

As a personal fitness trainer, I help you forge the pathway to success by integrating advanced technologies and techniques to enhance your fitness regimen. The Senaptec Quad Strobes Glasses help improve visualization abilities, hand-eye coordination, stability, depth-perception, and much more. At McGuirt Strength, I offer a variety of training programs, from group exercise classes to corporate solutions in addition to private and online fitness sessions.

If you are interested in training with this technology using the Senaptec Sensory Station, contact McGuirt Strength at 843-412-1688 today to learn more about my Charleston personal training services or schedule your next session online.

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