Meet Mark William McGuirt

Mark McGuirt is a MAT Master Specialist that implements this powerful tool to give a physical training session that is unmatched.

Mark is a personal trainer in Charleston, South Carolina. With over 25 years of training experience, Mark’s athletic training programs deliver proven results. He has worked with elite athletes, local teams, weekend warriors, and gym-goers of all ages and athletic backgrounds to help clients achieve peak performance.

Mark brings an extensive background to fitness. He specializes in Muscle Activation Techniques, a performance training method created to optimize muscle performance and balance the body. Through this muscle optimization, he is able to eliminate compensations in the body that can lead to injury which helps to prevent chronic overuse.

Mark is also at the forefront of emerging neurocognitive, or visual and sensory, training programs. His programs make your goals a reality: whether it’s losing weight safely or improving your hand-eye coordination to perfect your tennis swing.

Mark has a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education with an emphasis in Sports Medicine. He also has an Associates Degree in Physical Therapy from Trident Technical College and is currently completing a Muscle Activation Techniques RX program.


Smartest trainer in town that can help anyone achieve any goal. From droppin the baby flabbage to getting you swole, no ones better than Mark!

J.D. Porcelli – CHARLESTON, SC